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Twitter Announces New Rules to Fight Spam and Bots

Tweets automation and publication of duplicate content via different accounts are now banned by Twitter!

Twitter published new rules on February 21, 2018, including the automation of tweets, and the publication of identical tweets via different accounts, to fight spam on their platform. To do this, the company will modify TweetDeck, its application allowing to manage several accounts, as well as its application programming interface (API), which allows developers to create programs to use Twitter.

Let’s be clear: Twitter prohibits any attempt to use automation to publish or broadcast spam, and such behavior can provoke coercive action,” said Yoel Roth, API policy manager at Twitter in a blog article.


aoziuaxvdsvxdxdddNow, publishing “identical or substantially similar” content from multiple accounts is prohibited, and can no longer be an option in Twitter programs. This rule applies to both simultaneous and scheduled publication.

As an “alternative,” Twitter encourages you to “retweet the content of an account from another account on which you want to share this publication.” However, the regulation states that this can only be done from a “small number” of accounts.” Please note that high volume, aggressive or aggressive automated retweets are not allowed according to automation rules.”


Similarly, applications that use the Twitter API can no longer allow users to like, retweet or track someone from multiple accounts at once. Finally, it is also forbidden to use “forms of automation (including tweets programming)” to publish identical content or manipulate social network trends.

However, there is one exception to this rule: applications that share time, emergency, or other “public service announcements”, for example regarding natural disasters.


gkjshgoisierieghurusorThe TweetDeck application will be modified to match these new rules: its users will no longer be able to tweet, retweet, like or track someone from different accounts. The applications and services that allow such actions must be modified by March 23, 2018, under penalty of suspension of the applications or accounts concerned.

Spambots on Twitter are not new, but these new measures follow the revelations of the investigation into suspicions of Russian intervention in the US presidential election. In January, Twitter revealed that several tens of thousands of Russian propaganda accounts had been spotted. The social network also announced updates for TweetDeck and its API to combat spam.

These changes are an essential step in ensuring that we stay one step ahead of the malicious activities that target important conversations – including elections in the United States and around the world,” the blog article said. The publication of these rules also coincides with what appears to be a consistent “purge” of bots by Twitter.

windows ten desktop

Windows 10: Too many cores hinder performance?

Windows 10 suffers from bugs that slow down the operation of the OS when it needs to run on machines with many processor cores.

More cores are not always better when it comes to computing. One could imagine that the acquisition of a powerful machine with 24 cores would do wonders regarding performance.

But on his blog, programmer Bruce Dawson is not as optimistic…

He explains why he was experiencing unexplained slowdowns on his machine, bugs that he did not find when he changed configuration by switching to another OS or running Windows 10 on a more traditional machine.

Bruce Dawson currently works for Google and more specifically for the Chrome team. But as explained in his biography, he also worked in the past for Microsoft, mainly in the field of debugging and performance improvement. With such a pedigree, the programmer, therefore, sought to understand a little more in detail what caused these unexplained slowdowns on his machine.

To do this, he examined the operation of the processor via the information collected by Windows and performance analysis tools. Analyzes that allowed him to refine his diagnosis: a particular process related to the closure of ongoing processes and called NtGdiCloseProcess.

Without going into the technical and complicated details, this process fails to properly exploit multiple cores to duplicate its spots, and these are treated serially by a single heart. A non-optimal use of the memory, which has the effect of causing significant slowdowns of the machine when it has to close many processes at the same time.

To test this phenomenon, the researcher has thus created a script capable of creating on the fly more than 1000 processes, then wait a few seconds before closing them abruptly. The behavior differs dramatically when Bruce Dawson retries the experience on Windows 7, which uses all the cores to run the processes.

For the researcher, this phenomenon illustrates a phenomenon that attempts to explain the limits inherent in the distribution of calculations on several hearts and the “bottleneck” effect of certain spots that can not be duplicated.

As Bruce Dawson notes, frequent machine reboots can help minimize the consequences of this bug. The researcher added that he had informed Microsoft of this problem and that the teams are investigating the problem. One can, therefore, hope for a resolution of it in a future patch.

Three tips on starting your first company from scratch

Every person thinks of owning a company and organization and business corporations, but nobody thinks of starting one. You need to start something for you to have it otherwise you will keep thinking, and you will not have it. Below is how you can start your company.

#1. Research on the market gap

The market gap is what you will create your brand from. You cannot just create a company with the idea that God will provide. Make sure that you have the best name that you can use to start your business. Even the name should be unique leave alone the products because people want to class things. Research and create an excellent brand from the market gap that you will get.

#2. Plan your layout

You need to know where you will be taking the products, who will buy them and who will be producing. Always foster quality goods and profits shall keep on flowing in. Make sure that you make the products of your company outstanding by examining and modifying the ones for your competitors. You are not a monopoly in any business niche nowadays, so you need to know how to overcome the competitions.

#3. Register and market the company

Once you have developed the brand, once you have identified the chain of distribution the next step is for you to ensure that you create awareness for your brand and company. Open websites, Facebook pages, and blogs, write banners and put it on radio or TV channels. Within a small period, you will grow to the highest level you never imagined.

Starting a company needs determination and consistency to ensure that you don’t give up. There are a lot of challenges but through those challenges, you gather experience and courage.