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The Web hosting business and its challenges in 2018

The profession of web host is still in its infancy and is made of very different profiles of people whose only common point is their high degree of technicality.

Even if the current trend is towards specialization of the profession, there are still many “multitasking” hosts offering a broad range of services. Thus, you can always find hosts who work on-site and are close to their installations.

Two profiles can be distinguished:

The people who propose an appropriate domain name, register your website and publish it on the Internet while offering skills on the very design of the site and its graphics; generally, they are hosting providers with advanced technical knowledge of programming language and software.

In addition to making the site available online, the host must be able to carry out other technical tasks in its environment:

Ensure continuous connection to the Internet network;

Secure content by making regular backups but also by installing a powerful data encryption system for financial transactions;

And, offer efficient and fast technical assistance to avoid any unavailability of the site;

To create an at least average “user experience,” the hosting company must be impeccable and offer top notch services.

To avoid making mistakes and choose an inappropriate solution, it is essential to ask yourself some questions such as “what services do you want for today and tomorrow? ” and ” What is the planned communication around the project? ยป

The different types of hosting plans

In addition to the solutions presented below, you have the possibility of finding services that are free of charge, but, in return, you must accept the presence of ads and numerous advertising links on your web pages. These free solutions are often left aside in favor of small paid hosting plans with an incentive price of less than 5 $ per month. You will find more information on web hosting by visiting the Opportunites Digitales website!

The usual web hosting solutions

hebergement en ligne de sites webShared hosting is the rental of a small space on the server, which also houses other sites. Managed by the host, you don’t have to worry about technical and security aspects. To pick a good host, it is necessary to look at its “uptime,” i.e., the percentage of time the machine is inaccessible; the good servers are between 99 and 100%. The major disadvantage of this solution is its lack of flexibility: you are dependent on the server configuration, you cannot install other options, and your resources are limited.

When your site becomes too large, it is necessary to choose a dedicated hosting: only your site will be hosted on the server you rent. You can, therefore, use it freely, add functionalities, have large spaces, etc. Naturally, this formula is intended for people with knowledge in the field of servers and networks, because you have to take care of it yourself…

Emerging solutions

Today, and faced with the exponential growth in the number of sites, the planet must face the increase in energy consumption generated. This is how some web hosting players have opted for alternative energy sources.

Like AISO, which is the first fully solar-powered data center, other players are emerging around the world. But this Green Hosting movement also highlights all the actions aimed at reducing the consumption of site hosts. However, it would seem that virtualization is the critical factor of tomorrow…

The trendy “Cloud Computing” options make it possible to build applications and services available to companies at a lower cost. Mainly created to meet continuity or quality of service requirements, the Cloud provides flexibility in three key areas:

  • SaaS or Software as a Service;
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service;
  • and IaaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

Five common characteristics of great leaders and entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a very challenging task that is why many people remain to be employed, people. You need to stand firm in every challenge and circumstance that comes your way for you to be a successful entrepreneur.

#1. Deals with facts not assumptions

If you are an entrepreneur, then you need to be real. If something is bad, it is bad, and you need to look for ways to make it safe or find an alternative. People who assume are always afraid and making it in the business field becomes a problem. Be real and face the reality as it is.

#2. Don’t run away from problems, solve them

Shifting from one business to another trying to escape challenges will not help you either will it help your businesses. There are problems in all kinds of business. Just open up your mind and solve all the issues that come forth. Through this, you will have the best firms.

#3. Utilize resources perfectly

Resources are scarce, consider doing the necessary things that are crucial to the business before you embark on the complicated things that will eat a lot of your resources. An entrepreneur focuses more on input that output so they are not extravagant.

#4. Listening ear

Leaders and entrepreneurs listen then they decide on their own. They do not neglect ideas from people, but they make decisions after they have made a choice for themselves. This is what makes them prosper at all times.

#5. Respect Time

Time is money and money comes from business, so if they spare time for the firm, then money keeps flowing in which is the main aim of every entrepreneur.

There are no typical features for an ideal leader or entrepreneur but just know that you need to be wise.